MBSSA Peer Mentoring

We’re kicking off the first semester of 2019 with our new peer mentoring programme! Whether you’re new to MBS this year or a returning student, we encourage you to take part in this new and exciting opportunity.

Running from O-Week to Week 6 of Semester 1, this programme will allow incoming students to start building their support network at MBS. Mentees will have access to all the knowledge and experience of their mentor when it comes to social and networking events, professional development opportunities, and any information that ensures a smooth transition into life at MBS. Rest assured, the mentors are getting a good deal here as well. They can collect their good karma early on in the year and pass on all the knowledge and information they desperately wish they knew when they started out! Oh, and making new friends is, of course, also a positive.

Key Details

Registration is currently open and will close February 20th at 5PM for both mentors and mentees. Spots are limited, so register below now to avoid disappointment!

Mentor Registration (Current Students)
Mentee Registration (Incoming Students)

If successful, both mentees and mentors are expected to attend the programme launch, mid-semester catch-up and the final networking event, which will take place throughout O-Week and the first six weeks of semester. In addition to this, both parties will participate in fun competitions to win some neat raffle prizes.

Key Dates

Launch: March 1st

Mid-Semester Catch-Up: March 22nd

Final Networking Event: Week 6 (Date TBC)

Mentor Responsibilities

If you’re considering becoming a mentor to a new wave of students, please be advised it is expected you will devote 10 to 12 hours across the six week period, which includes the three large events listed above.

Your responsibilities will include showing your mentees around campus, sharing valuable information about university resources (such as library printing, study spaces and so on), encouraging them to seek out opportunities to develop and network at MBS, and just generally helping them to transition smoothly into life at MBS. Your mentees will be relying on you initially for quality company or a helping hand.

If that isn’t enticing enough, mentors will also receive a certificate of appreciation and will be able to direct dedicated hours towards the Leadership in Communities Award.


If you’re keen to get on board this amazing new programme, register through one of the following links below. We look forward to receiving your application.

Mentor Registration (Current Students)
Mentee Registration (Incoming Students)

Any further queries can be directed towards: mbspeermentoring@gmail.com.

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