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“MBS Case Competition- one of the best decisions ever”

Team Endeavour the winners of the MBS Case Competition 2019

When I heard that MBSSA was opening registration for the Melbourne Business School Case Competition last year, I had two options: participate or pass. I decided to participate, and it turns out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made – hear me out.

If you feel unsure to participate because you have just commenced your journey at MBS and won’t be able to compete against senior students, I share your concern and that is precisely what I felt at the beginning. Nevertheless, I did it anyway because you know what? What is the worst thing that could happen? It’s definitely not money because the competition is free. Perhaps you might think that losing is, but even if you don’t win you could learn so much from attempting to solve the case. This is why I refuse to believe that there is anything you would lose by participating; on the contrary, it’s a win-win situation which means that regardless of the competition outcome, you still gain something out of it.

Just for your reference, last year’s topic was super unique, exciting, and even explosive (literally). Inspired from a real client’s case of an established consulting company, it was about a company that provides explosive products and services for mining companies. The company was facing challenges from a slowing financial performance, not to mention the surging negative sentiment over mining practices due to the subsequent environmental footprints. Our task was to come up with a short- and long-term strategy for the company.

I have learned so much from the competition both from the process and the feedback that the judges gave. From identifying the right questions to address the problem, honing my research skills, to preparing and delivering a professional presentation. As this year’s competition will be held online, I am sure the virtual experience would bring a great relevance to our new normal of working from home. Furthermore, you can demonstrate this experience later when you are answering the behavioral questions in your future job, internship, and other applications!

If somehow you still don’t buy what I said up to this point (which is rather hard to believe given my incredibly persuasive testimony), well, feel free to read from my amazing teammates themselves:

“I really challenged myself by joining the competition. As a team, we worked really hard. I learned a lot how to work in a team in the most effective and efficient way given the limited time we had to solve the case. It was absolutely one of the best experiences in my post grad life!” – Dyah Ayu Permatasari, Master of Management (General)

“Joining the case competition was very challenging yet rewarding. My team was formed with students from different programs (and great friends), making discussions very enriching since our viewpoints were diverse. Beyond the learning about the industry we worked on, I learnt the importance of thinking outside of the box and of transforming ideas into courses of action. Moreover, I learnt sometimes we underestimate our capabilities, and we can surprise ourselves if we work hard for our goal.”Carolina Abdala Cruz, Master of Management (Marketing)

“Participating in MBS Case Competition is definitely one of the highlights during my study. I was challenged to go out of my comfort zone and apply the knowledge I know in the real case situation. The event brought me to the best teammates who kept the discussion and brainstorming session both intense and enjoyable at the same time. Overall, it was a great learning process for me, and I would definitely recommend the other students to join the competition this year!” Santika Wibowo, Master of Management (Human Resource)Back to your concern to compete as new students, my team consisted of all 2nd semester students and yet we managed to win. There were also lots of 1st semester students who made it to the semifinal rounds – all of you have an equal opportunity to win! So, what are you waiting for? Make the best out of your limited time at MBS, team up with those you can best work together with, and surprise yourself, who knows you can be this year’s winners!

Registrations for the Case Competition Semester 2 open on 28th July 2020

Help our “Crack the Essay” initiative

We know writing a good essay requires tons of research, organising ideas, start writting and hours of editing. Even when it’s done, it would be great to have someone who can provide us some final feedback, isn’t it?

Well, we have you covered! We intend to host Crack your Essay sessions, where fellow students who have done your subject before will volunteer to provide you useful feedback for your assignments in terms of structure, academic writing and format, among others. Of course, they are not going to do your assigment (you wish!), but they will help you proofreading and check if there are any final details to be adjusted.

Are you keen to help ‘Crack your Essay’??

To make sure that these sessions work to serve your needs effectively, we want to hear from you! Please respond to this poll to indicate your preference based on your assignment due dates to help us with scheduling. Thank you!

MBSSA proudly presents Business Ball 2019!

💫✨Almost halfway through the semester, is everyone ready for the event of the year to take our minds off studies for one extravagant night?✨💫

The Melbourne Business School Student Association presents the Business Ball 2019 and cordially invites you and your friends to what will be one of the most memorable experiences you will have at Melbourne Business School!

Dress to impress for this black-tie event at The Park (Albert Park) and join us for a night of fun, friends, fine food and all the other f-words. The theme for this year is Casino Royale, and you can bet it’s going to be a full house! ♠️ ♦️ ♣️ ♥️

On the night, you’ll enjoy a fancy two-course meal with dessert, but let’s get to the important part: we have an OPEN BAR for the night. Beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks will be readily available, free flowing, on demand, unlimited, at your leisure, but… we’re aiming to keep it classy all night, so you’ll have to pace yourself. 🍸

✨📷Do you desperately need a new profile pic? We’ve got you covered with a photographer and photo booths ready to capture you and your friends looking stylish and flawless (at least until you find the bar). Our DJ will also be working round the clock to deliver the sort of tunes that make you want to dance until your feet hurt and you can’t tell left from right. 🎶🎶

You can reach the venue by public transport, but if you want to arrive in style, catching a ride is a must. This year, we’ve partnered with DiDi to provide all attendees with two ride vouchers to be used on the 27th and the 28th of September. Details coming soon!

We’ll be holding ticket stalls in The Spot within the next few weeks to give you a chance to register and buy tickets. You don’t want to regret missing out on this event, so don’t gamble away your future. Find some friends and organise your table before all the tickets are gone. 😱

Tickets can be purchased for tables of 10, tables of 5 or individual tickets. If you are unable to form tables of 10, don’t worry we can team smaller groups up!


WHEN: Friday, 27th of September, 7:30PM to 12:00AM.
WHERE: The Park, 36 Lakeside Dr, Albert Park, 3206.
PRICE: $1400 for Tables of 10, $700 for Tables of 5, $145 for Individual Tickets.

MBSSA Presents: The Job Search Masterclass

S&C Event

The marketing division of Sharp & Carter has collaborated with the MBS Student Association to give behind the scenes insights on what employers are looking for in a candidate these days! Read More