Kshitij Samel, Master of International Business ⁣

“After working at a consultancy firm for two and a half years, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in international business. However, I never really considered MBS, or Australia in general as an option but life ran its course and here I am in the most liveable city in the world.

I arrived in Melbourne about 7 months ago and have since fallen in love with the city. From its Victorian Architecture and to hosting a number of world-class festivals and major sporting events, the city has so much to offer to people across walks of life. I still remember my first footy game at the MCG, I was amused by the sport but absolutely loved the passion Melburnians had for the game.⁣

Coming to Melbourne was an unplanned event that has worked out perfectly for me. I am currently half way through my journey at MBS so far and it has been exciting to say the least. I am constantly amazed at the diversity there is at MBS and have met some amazing people across diverse backgrounds. The course has been exciting and motivating and has helped me shape an idea of what I want to do after MBS.

Although some weeks can get challenging and you may find yourself struggling to stay on top of things, but that’s something I have learned to appreciate and embrace. Being in a master’s program allows for personal growth and you would be amazed at all the things you will learn-professionally and personally. I’m definitely looking forward to the second half of my journey at MBS and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.”