Neetu Verma, Master of Management (Marketing) ⁣

“Sorted. That’s how I felt as I got onto my flight to Melbourne from Mumbai.

An inability to manage people or numbers led me to choose Marketing in my undergrad. Fast forward to a few internships later, and I had already set my sights on UniMelb for my masters. A top University. The most liveable city in the world. Coffee. What could go wrong?

As it turned out, a lot. The intensity and pace of coursework over here often left me feeling way out of my depth. Adjusting to a new country, let alone city, was easier said than done. I felt quite lost- literally in trying to navigate my way around a foreign city and metaphorically in class.

As hard as this all was, a few things kept me going. Embracing my failures. Finding people who embraced me despite my failures. And making even the smallest of wins count. I say ‘keep me going’ because I’m still figuring this out. Just last week, I did a mini-celebration when I successfully navigated on Google Maps and reached an interview a full 10 mins early!⁣

If the past 9 months have taught me anything, it’s that being “sorted” is a myth. Things are going to change, for better or worse, and we change with them. But having people to talk to, who encourage and inspire you, can make everything a lot easier. And if those people like coffee and dogs, that’s the cherry on top!”