Sara Singh Tak⁣, Master of Management (Marketing)⁣⁣

“Hey there, I’m Sara Singh. I am from India, but a part of me belongs to Italy because I ‘made’ a family there. In truth, my story to Melbourne actually began there.⁣⁣

This may sound odd but coming to Melbourne wasn’t always part of my plans. It was what my dad wanted for me and he was very persistent on it. I was actually travelling in Italy when I had my Australian visa approved. However, at the time, my heart was telling me not to come as I was not keen on the idea of living alone in a foreign country. Nonetheless, this trip allowed me to grow as an individual, where I slowly learn to realise the potential I could achieve if I choose to pursue a further education in Melbourne.

I’m currently pursuing a Master of Management (Marketing). I used to be a Social Media Manager, but as my interests move away from client servicing, I have decided that coming to MBS would be an amazing opportunity for me to shift into a career in personal branding and strategic planning.⁣⁣

It has only been less than a month since I have arrived in Melbourne. Despite feeling a little lost at times and overwhelmed by a new culture, Melbourne has slowly become a little like home to me. Arianna Oioli, my mentor, has been so friendly and supportive. She is always helping and looking out for me, and this was already happening even before we met. She can make you feel like a part of this new corner of the world can be yours too!⁣

I love sitting in the libraries because everything I need is here. I never feel the need to go home. The facilities are amazing, and I could meet and make many new friends here!⁣

Maybe this is just me being very excited and enthusiastic as this is my first semester here, but MBS seems to be able to get that out of me. I am looking forward to everything that lies ahead of me here at MBS!⁣⁣

I’m slowing adjusting to this new place – a place that I would love to call home someday.⁣⁣”