The Melbourne Business School Student Association (MBSSA) is a student-run, non-for profit organisation with an active member base of 1800+ graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at Melbourne Business School – the University of Melbourne. Our mission is to add value to the study experience of MBS students through the provision of social and professional development events that provide opportunities to interact with fellow students and broaden their social and professional networks.

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Looking Back

2018 MBSSA Annual Business Ball


Network and skills Development
There is no better way to network at Melbourne Business School than at an MBSSA event. All of our professional events are followed by a networking session that allows students to connect with other MBS students, MBS alumni, industry representatives and professionals. Our After Uni Social Series (AUSS) offers an informal, casual setting for students to come and relax after a hard week at uni. This is the best opportunity to meet new and existing students at Melbourne Business School.
Volunteering Opportunities
Each Semester, Students have the opportunity to devote their time and efforts to a good cause in order to give back to the community. Past volunteering events have included the Mother’s Day Classic, the Melbourne Marathon, the Big Morning Tea and Sacred Heart Mission.
Humans of MBS provides our members with frequent glimpses into the past, present and future stories of the brilliant minds at Melbourne Business School. Stay updated with #humansofMBS by liking us on Facebook and by following us on Instagram. And make sure you contact us if you or you know someone who would like to be featured.
#mbsinstagramtakeover gives glimpses into the everyday lives of students at Melbourne Business School through the lens of their smartphone camera. Each week, a student takes over the @mbsstudentassociation Instagram account, taking snaps and posting them for all to see. Stay updated with #mbsinstagramtakeover and make sure you contact us if you or you know someone who would like to be featured.