Alumni of MBSSA

Cindy Cupri- Master of Management (Marketing)

I was very interested in customer-centric learning, and studying marketing I believed would be a good window into gaining more knowledge about the field. However, when I started the degree, I realised that a lot of subjects offered were focused on the business end of things, and I was pleasantly surprised to have gotten a chance to study them. I would say that the practical approach of the subjects within the degree, is something that I appreciate the most. There was a chance for students to learn the real-world applications of what they are being taught in the class, and I feel that is really important in preparing you for the professional world. Read More

Nicholas Taylor – Master of Commerce

Reflecting on my time at University, one thing I still appreciate is the teaching style, particularly in my years as an Honours and Masters student. There was a strong focus on digging deeper analytically, rather than purely rote learning answers (which is still important). A few seminar style subjects (Advanced Management Theory, Advanced Strategic Management and Advanced Marketing Communications) were great examples of where the lecturers focused on teaching us  how to think, rather than what to think, which was incredibly formative. In a professional context, where rote learned answers are few and far between, these skills have been incredibly helpful in structuring, analysing and ultimately solving complex problems. Read More

Darshan Pawani- Master of Management (Marketing)

There are so many opportunities for students to enrich their life on campus at the Melbourne Business School, no matter where your interests lie, there’s something for everyone. During my time as a student, I was involved in all sorts of student activities; I was involved with numerous clubs and societies, and I even participated in several panel discussions and research and focus groups. I was also extensively involved in volunteering activities.  Read More

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