Past Events

The MBS Case Competition is an annual event at Melbourne Business School (MBS) that provides Masters students an opportunity to work in teams to solve challenging real business case faced by companies in Australia. 

This is the perfect opportunity for students to put to practice classroom teachings to real life business problems, all the while gaining invaluable skills in problem solving, teamwork and presentation skills through the various workshops being delivered by industry experts as part of competition.

Prize Money: 1st place- $1000, 2nd place- $750, 3rd place- $500, 4th place 250, 5th place $250

“Yoga and meditation 101” will be the first sports event held in the second semester. The aim is to introduce MBS students to two of the most pervasive activities proven to reduce anxiety, stress, not to mention having other physical benefits. This will be a session intended for those who want to learn what yoga is but too feel intimidated with the crazy poses, get to know how to practice a simple technique of meditation, or for those who already incorporated yoga as their routine. 

There is also a trend in corporations to provide such activities for their employees, e.g. google with “Search Inside Yourself”, a meditative yoga program designed to improve emotional intelligence and mindfulness of its employees. These are qualities that are relevant in today’s workplace, which is why this activity, will hopefully serve as a starting point on a journey of self-improvement and reflection. 
*Attendees are encouraged to come 10 minutes before the event starts.

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