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Darshan Pawani- Master of Management (Marketing)

Darshan Pawani

There are so many opportunities for students to enrich their life on campus at the Melbourne Business School, no matter where your interests lie, there’s something for everyone. During my time as a student, I was involved in all sorts of student activities; I was involved with numerous clubs and societies, and I even participated in several panel discussions and research and focus groups. I was also extensively involved in volunteering activities. As a student I volunteered with the Melbourne International Film Festival, The Australian Red Cross, the Melbourne Student Peer Leader Network on campus, and various other NGOs. However, two experiences that I cherish the most have been being an MBS Student Ambassador and spearheading the Indian Graduate Student Society (IGSS) as their president for close to two years. 

People often ask what your most cherished memories on campus have been, and often times our mind goes to big moments like starting the first day of classes or heading a club, but for me it’s always been the small things; all those late night study sessions at libraries, hopping between Dominos and 7 Eleven to grab food when everything else was shut, and that’s what I miss the most about student life. 

I would say that one of the most, if not the most challenging task post-graduation is landing a job, and more specifically landing a job in the field you’re keen to work in. With the pandemic and the economic fallout because of it, all the struggles have certainly been exacerbated, but the thing that helped me the most was trying to stay positive through it all. Don’t let it ever beat you up, try to spend your time learning new skills, and sharpening your resumes. Take breaks, often and plenty. One silver lining in all of us being forced to stay home, for me has been that I have gotten back to reading, which my mother certainly has been appreciative of. Keeping your spirits high is really essential, especially during stressful situations.

Having worked in various professional roles prior to my post graduate studies, I believe was incredibly valuable. I worked for over 6 years at an NGO in the public relations and marketing team, and then proceeded to work with a brand management firm and a PR agency. My experiences from the professional world really helped me put all the theoretical learnings from class into perspective. 

Assignments are usually the least appealing aspect of university life to many, but for me they were some of the most valuable experiences at the Melbourne Business School. The assignments really pushed us to explore practical applications of theoretical concepts and were hence a great source of exposure. They also really helped imbibe the spirit of teamwork. This was particularly true for the subjects of Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and Public Relations, three of my favourite subjects in the degree. 

Three key pieces of advice that I would give to recent graduates would be to;

  1. Explore! Try to explore new fields, new interests, new areas of admiration, and they will help you immensely in figuring out what it is that you are particularly drawn to
  2. Always keep forming connections! I cannot overstate just how important knowing the right people is, especially in Australia. Attend every networking night that comes your way, and always be on the lookout for forming new connections 
  3. Be Unique! Try to find the things that differentiate you from the lot and build upon them. People really value unique personalities and individual journeys. The more unique you are, the higher the odds are of you standing out!

All the best!

Darshan Pawani

Master of Management (Marketing)

If you’d like to ask Darshan more about his experiences, connect with him on LinkedIn and mention you saw his Alumni of MBSSA interview. 

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