Darshin Desai – Master of Management

This week’s Alumni of MBSSA is Darshin Desai, a Master of Management alumnus who graduated from @unimelb in 2015. After graduating, he worked in a direct marketing role; he quickly grew past the role while discovering a passion for marketing he didn’t know he had.

That led him to a marketing agency and a role for the next few years, where he developed his skills in marketing. As a marketing consultant, his job was to create marketing strategies that would prove efficient for the various brands that the agency worked with.

In 2020, a year of tumultuous upheaval for all, Darshin decided to take a leap: he launched his own company. Now, one year in, he has faced hardships and challenges, but he keeps his sight firmly fixed on the future, and remains forever optimistic.

Thank you Darshin for taking the time to talk with us and inspire us. We wish you and your fledgling agency the best of luck!

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