Aanchal Sankhe, Master of Management (Marketing)

“I believe that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. So, I chose to study marketing at MBS to shape my own destiny. Considering my past work experience, I made a transition from a student to a corporate professional in Mumbai to a student again in Melbourne!! A daunting task, but one that I was ready for with the support of my loving family.

My experience in Melbourne has been nothing short of wonderful. The trams, the street art, the architecture and the coffee!! I consider this city as my second home because in many ways, I found it to be like my hometown of Mumbai – the values, the nightlife, the cultural diversity and the FOOD!! I consider myself a Foodie and love exploring different cuisines and keep up with the latest industry trends to hopefully one day make a career in Food and Beverages.

On my experience at MBS, I realise that I have gained so much more than I expected. From participating in GBP, building professional relationships, working with diverse individuals and understanding industry practices. My experience has not just been confined to the classroom and academics but beyond. I can proudly say that the stories created within and outside the boundaries of my university life, have been amazing and every experience and encounter with the people here was worth cherishing.

Lastly, to my fellow students, I know life after university may seem scary and uncertain. But never forget to believe in yourself and your journey, learn to broaden your horizons and let the world know you as you are and not as you think you should be.”