Ali Bromberg, Master of Management

“If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d be living abroad in Australia getting my masters degree, I would have never believed you. I had just graduated college and was living the life in New York City, working a dream job in the fashion industry. However, 4 years later and I realized how unhappy I was…so I did what any sane person does and packed my life into a backpack and went travelling across Europe and Asia.

I ultimately ended my travel journey in Australia…and that was a year and a half ago! I fell in love with Melbourne almost immediately. It has the big city feel I am used to from growing up and living in NYC, but the people actually say hi and smile at you. I also live for brunch, so where better to settle than the brunch/coffee capital of the word!

So I decided to put two of my dreams together, graduate school and living in Australia. MBS has been an amazing experience so far, the challenges and hurdles are what has made this experience so worthwhile. And of course, all the amazing people you get to meet along the way! Pursuing my master’s degree at Uni Melb has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my 27 years!”