ANDY YEN – Master of Management (Finance)

Andy Yen.
Used with permission.

I believe the twists and turns of my fate happened during my internship back to Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) in Taiwan. Before the internship, I studied seven years of accounting in my high school and undergraduate. After having attained Certified public bookkeeper and worked part-time in an accounting firm, I can picture myself working in the accounting field in the future. But life never accords as planned.  During the time in DBS, I realised the knowledge that I was equipped with was far from enough for pursuing a banking career. Thus, a master degree is a must.

MBS not only offers various opportunities to gain knowledge but also gives me a platform for personal growth and development. The case competition, peer mentoring and career mentoring program all provide great opportunities to improve myself to another level and make friends from diverse communities. Studying in MBS makes my goal even brighter toward the career in the finance sector. The deeper I learn, the more enthusiastic I am.

In the short-term, I’m eager to work in the headquarters of banking. In terms of a long-term goal, my dream is to reach the chief position of the banking department. However, planning never catches changing. But there is one principle I learned from MBS that I would like to stick on for a lifetime:  always be open-minded and think critically.

-Andy Yen, Master of Management (Finance)