Apoorva Sastri – Master of Marketing Communication

Meet this week’s Human of MBSSA, Apoorva Sastri, who is currently pursuing a Master of Marketing Communication from the University of Melbourne.

Why did you choose UniMelb for your masters?

I chose Unimelb because of the interesting curriculum and community atmosphere offered through  amazing clubs, associations and events.

What activities have you been involved in at the university?

At the university, I participated in mentorship programs, networking events and skill development workshops.

Which events hosted by the University would you say were the most helpful?

I think the most helpful ones are the networking events and workshops. Via networking events I was able to anchor to like-minded people such as industry experts and alumni. This enhanced my overall university experience.

Did you face any challenges during your course? If yes, how did you deal with them?

One of the challenges was related to COVID, during 2020, it was challenging to cope homesickness and workload. It got frustrating to have little to no activity to de stress. To overcome this, I signed up for virtual events and games hosted by clubs. It helped me know I was not alone and found really amazing people along the way.

What is something that new students should look out for? Any advices?

For future uni students I would like to pass on the message of hope and resilence. It can be scary to uproot yourself and find a place in the professional world. Unimelb is a perfect blend of student life and introduction to professional one. Your hard work will pay off, so never give up!! Best way to experience uni is to immerse yourself in student activities and curriculum.

Thank you so much to Apoorva for your time and wise words. Connect with Apoorva on LinkedIn here.