ASHANI RATNAYAKE – Master of Management

Ashani Ratnayake

It’s hard to describe just how incredible my time at the University of Melbourne has been.  Having never studied overseas before, I did not know what to expect coming into the Melbourne Business School, but my time here surpassed any potential expectations I could have set. 

Utilising opportunities available on campus

What I appreciate about the MBS, is just how many opportunities are available for students to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. During my time here, I participated in the MBS Case Competition and was also the MBS Student Ambassador. Both these experiences helped me enrich my student life on campus. As an MBS Student Ambassador, I got a chance to speak on multiple discussion panels and write for the student blog and above all meet a vibrant and diverse community of exemplary students.

I was also grateful to have had a chance to work on campus, as a Student Peer Leader with the Careers & Employability team at Stop 1. As a part of that team, I got to help fellow students in perfecting their employability skills.

Global Business Practicum

There are many ways in which your experiences at university can help you prepare for the professional life that lies ahead of you. For me, that was during my time working with the Unilever team in London, as a part for the Global Business Practicum subject. Working along with the executive team and seeing how decisions are made in the real world, really helped me gain valuable experience, and greatly helped me hone my professional skills.

Different Challenges of Student Life

Managing time at university, while juggling a whole bunch of different activities can be stressful, this was certainly true for me. The thing that helped me overcome this challenge was compartmentalising my tasks and following a timetable. 

Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to manage your extracurricular and volunteering initiatives with the academic load, but if you plan ahead and divide your time well enough, you can ease it out. And these activities provide you with such great experiences and allow you to meet so many amazing new people, that in the end, you will realise that it was worth it.


I am passionate about volunteering for organisations that help the elderly, and during my time at MBS, I had a chance to volunteer with Australian Multicultural Services Inc. Before Victoria went into lockdown, I got to meet with an elderly gentleman and just be there to offer him support, because often that is what they desire the most. I also volunteered with the Australian Salvation Army, where I helped provide meals to the homeless and the needy. Melbourne has a plethora of volunteering opportunities available for students, and I cannot recommend it enough, it’s an experience that teaches you so much.

Advice for students

My advice for current and incoming MBS students is just to strive hard for the goals you set. It may not always be easy and sometimes you will find yourself a little overwhelmed, but so as long you don’t let those brief moments hold you back, you can succeed. All the best for all that lies ahead, I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life here at MBS!

Ashani Ratnayake

Master of Management