Audi Tangkudung – Master of Marketing Communications

Why did you choose Unimelb for your Masters?

I chose Melbourne University for its reputation but for me it’s not about the rank and reputation but also the subject in the course itself. The Masters of Marketing Communications is very unique because not only are we talking about branding and communications but also about business stuff like financial bottom line and social enterprises. It’s sort of a merge between the business side of things and the communications side of things which is why I chose this particular course at Unimelb.

What activities have you been involved in at the university?

Activity-wise, I joined the Pride March which was last year which was my first Pride March which was amazing. In terms of societies and school activities, I joined SMAC as a member. I also used to be part of Melbourne Cheerleading team but not anymore because it went online which was not the best option but it was a great experience for me.

Which events hosted by the University would you say were the most helpful?

From the University, obviously the Welcome Dinner was very helpful because I met people from all different nationalities within my course. For me, SMAC and MBSSA definitely helped me connect with previous and current students to learn more about the course and network in general.

Did you face any challenges during your course? If yes, how did you deal with them?

Definitely during the pandemic, it was a catastrophic period of my study – especially my second semester but what helped me during this time were the counselling services provided by the University. It’s okay to seek help – talk to your tutors and subject coordinators because they’ll understand your hardships because they, too are living it.

What is something that new students should look out for?

What I would say is try to find friends! Know your values and try to find friends that share the same values as you. Try to join clubs like MBSSA or SMAC – it is really helpful. Don’t feel that you’re weak just because you’re seeking help – that is actually a sign of strength. Go through the newsletter – there are lots of opportunities there for job opportunities and new activities. Also very importantly, update your LinkedIn, that’s how I got my internship!