Binit Maru, Master of International Business

“It feels like yesterday when I said goodbye to my family and friends in Mumbai and boarded my flight to Melbourne. I remember being nervous but so excited to begin a new phase.

While moving towards the end of my journey at the University of Melbourne, all I could say is that my decision to choose Melbourne for my post-graduate studies was the best decision of my life. It was not easy.

This journey has had its challenges but gave me memories that I will forever cherish. From trying to cope with deadlines whilst being over-caffeinated to travelling overseas for the global business practicum subject, the university has been a unique experience. From having the best coffee in the world to having the most ‘AMAZING’ weather, Melbourne has been a lovely adventure.

Melbourne taught me that if you are willing to come out of your comfort zone and embrace every challenge, the reward will often amaze you. I am overwhelmed by what Melbourne has offered me and it truly is the most liveable city in the world.”