Blaise Soh Morcho – Master of Management (HR)

Meet this week’s Human of MBSSA, Blaise Soh Morcho , who is currently pursuing a Master of Management (Human Resources) from the University of Melbourne.

1. Why did you choose UniMelb for your masters?

I chose the University of Melbourne for my master’s in Human Resources Management because it has a distinctive reputation for its continuous academic excellence in teaching and research, making it to be ranked 1st in Australia and 33rd worldwide. It also attracts high achieving students around the world from an incredibly diverse multicultural background thus giving the opportunity for like-minded students to share ideas, learn and support each other across their academic journey at UniMelb. Business programs at UniMelb gives a wider understanding of the world beyond the degree students obtained and thereby equipping students with an in-depth knowledge of the core skills needed to be competitive across the job market. Above all, graduates from the university of Melbourne are highly sought by employers after graduation.

2. What activities have you been involved in at the university?

Pretty Much I have been mostly involved with activities organized by the UMSU PoC: Black collective and the Peer Mentoring program by MBSSA with my mentor being Jose.

3. Which events hosted by the University would you say were the most helpful?

The career employability week was the most helpful for me as it gave me a better understanding of how the application process for most companies are being done, I gained new skills during diverse workshops and above all, I had a better understanding on how to structure my future cover letters and resumes. Furthermore, my network also increased, and I came across diverse like-minded individuals.

4. Did you face any challenges during your course? If yes, how did you deal with them?

The pandemic has created diverse challenges for students while trying to incorporate their learning experience through virtual. As every other student, I faced a few challenges with the understanding of some key concepts in some courses which were very practical via excel. To overcome those challenges, I booked several consultation meetings with the tutors concerned to enable me to understand the concepts and applications I was facing. In the end, those consultations were very helpful and solved my problems.

5. What is something that new students should look out for? Any advice?

I will advise new students to join uni clubs they are most interested in as it will help them increase their networks, be exposed to gaining new skills via workshops organised by those various clubs and most especially taking part in volunteer programs organised by the university. More so, new students should make use of the university support service as much as they can to enable them to navigate through the UniMelb journey.

Thank you so much to Blaise for your time and wise words. Connect with Blaise on LinkedIn here.