CHIBI RAAGUL S V – Master of International Business

Chibi Raagul S V

You all know someone that kept jumping companies and couldn’t make up his mind?⁣

I was exactly that guy. A growing startup was only my 3rd company within a year. Things changed when the company slammed a pink slip to half of their operations team. It had barely sunk in when I met with an accident. Fired from my job and bedridden, I felt useless and helpless at the same time. ⁣

When I got back up, I joined a leading consulting firm and this time I stayed to learn. The place was filled with some of the smartest people I know, forcing me to up my game. The corporate experience taught me that the people you surround yourself with, matter so much in your growth, which makes you equally responsible for the growth of your peers. ⁣

My experience at MBS has been nothing short of learning, from student clubs, part-time jobs to managing grades. Apart from demanding academics, the competition faced by international students is immense. Currently, I work with a communications consulting firm and I have an internship with Deloitte to look forward to. ⁣

For me, this journey is more than just a 2nd chance at being a student, it is about motivating, watching out for, and celebrating everyone around you and I am grateful to MBS for bringing some wonderful people into my network.⁣

– Chibi Raagul S V⁣
Master of International Business.⁣