Emily Roberts, Master of Management (Human Resources)

“I did my undergraduate degree in Art History so starting at the Melbourne Business School was a bit of a shock to the system but I’ve been grateful for the challenge so far. I decided less than two weeks before the applications deadline that I even wanted to apply and submitted all of the documents less than an hour before they were due.

Most of my friends were quite shocked at the time and I still get confused looks when I run into old colleagues. I grew up near Melbourne and dreamed of being able to attend such a prestigious university. I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Bachelor of Arts here for my undergraduate degree. During that time I became overly involved in many aspects of university life.

My time at The University of Melbourne has been somewhat unique and involved a lot of different things and spending too many weekends and early mornings on campus supporting people, planning events and when we probably should be starting assignments. While there’s been a lot of pain along the way I look forward to that continuing in my last year here at Unimelb.”