Kat Vaskrsic, Master of International Business

“My master’s was never in my future plans. I thought I was finished with my studies when I completed my undergraduate degree. I remember thinking at my last exam that this was it, I was free from assessments and exams. However, when I started working full-time I realised how much more I still needed to learn and experience. It made me realise how much I missed the university culture. So I decided to enrol and to see what would happen. I am so happy I made that decision, through my first semester alone I have completely changed what/who I wanted to be in the future.

Melbourne for me is home. My family has moved countries twice now and I have been lucky to travel a lot, and yet no city has my heart as much as Melbourne does. Life lives within the streets here and while yes we may not have the prettiest landmarks, we definitely have a beautiful and unique culture. What I love about this city is how so many different cultures mix together and it all works seamlessly. This city has blessed me with friends from all over the world, incredible experiences from concerts, festivals, exhibits and of course I have to mention the amazing coffee and food. Yea there is definitely no place like home.

I always tell people my master’s feels like I am running on a treadmill and every week someone increases your incline just a little bit. But funnily enough I enjoy that part of university the most, I think the challenge is what really makes this experience worthwhile and memorable. Through every experience I learn more about myself, my field of study and I definitely meet more amazing people. It is truly amazing what immersing yourself into your masters can do for you. So I definitely look forward to all my future runs and the rest of my journey at MBS, I will meet you all at the top of the hill!”