Ken Chan, Master of Management (Finance)

“Melbourne is an adventure for me. I would have never imagined myself studying in Melbourne before arriving here in Feb ‘17. The fact is, I hadn’t been here until day one of orientation. And yet, I have no regrets. Having spent most of my life in Hong Kong, I was determined to go overseas for my postgraduate studies. Then, the offer arrived from MBS and I was suddenly on my way here. If I waited, I would have been at Harvard. Jokes.
Melbourne is lovely. It exemplifies an attitude to life that is so different and a cityscape that is so unique that every moment to me is an exploration. Every person here has a story to tell. There are sides of life that are overlooked by many modern societies that are still valued by the people of Melbourne. The city doesn’t have an iconic opera house, but it’s all the small things, the coffee, the lanes, the gigs, the sports, the people, adding up, minus the gusty winds, that fascinate me.

I am truly grateful to all the amazing people I have met and the opportunities that I have been exposed to in the past two years at MBS. I did my bachelor’s degree in English literature and international politics – soon I am graduating with a master’s in finance. I wouldn’t say it was easy. It took hard work and persistence. But, opportunities are always there, and lots of them. My experience tells me that, if you are willing to open yourself to what is ahead and embrace changes, the reward will often surprise you.”