Lachlan Price – Master of Management (Marketing)

Why did you choose the Master of Management at the University of Melbourne?

I did my undergraduate degree at Melbourne University as well, so I applied, and the opportunity was too great to miss out on. I wanted to gain some more skills before I entered the workforce (feeling I wasn’t truly ready to be an employee) so the master’s degree was a great opportunity to develop my skills further.

Which activities have you been involved in at the university?

In my undergraduate degree, I participated in an exchange program in America, which was awesome. During my master’s degree, I joined the MBSSA (Melbourne Business School Student Association) in my second semester, where I was a Sponsorship Officer, which was lots of fun. I also participated in the Global Business Practicum over the summer, which was an opportunity to work in a consultancy organisation and gain some work experience while at the same time completing a subject. I competed in the MBS Case Competition, the first one that was ever run digitally, and my team was lucky enough to win, which was an awesome experience that I would recommend. In my final semester, I’m completing the Internship subject. I self-sourced my own internship at a PR agency, and I get to work there one day per week which counts as a subject for me.

How was your experience of the Global Business Practicum?

I completed the Global Business Practicum in November 2020. Usually, in a non-COVID environment, I would have been able to travel to the host country and work in an overseas company. My team and I got placed in KPMG in Malaysia. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to actually get to go to Malaysia, but we still got to have an awesome experience through Zoom. The hosts were amazing, the university was amazing setting everything up, and we got to work on a real-life project and a real business problem that they needed help with, create a 45 min presentation and write a 5000-word report. KPMG ended up actually actioning our proposals, so it was really rewarding to feel like we’re actually making a difference to a world-class, big four consulting firm.

Which events hosted by the university would you say were the most helpful?

Some rewarding programs that I’ve been a part of are the ones run through the MBSSA. Some of their professional networking events have been amazing to meet with some industry contacts, some of which I’m still in contact with today and I ask for advice. They also have a Peer Mentoring Program which was amazing for me in my first semester to have someone help guide me through what a master’s program looks like.

How was your online learning experience?

Initially, when I signed up, I signed up for a face-to-face master’s degree, and within three weeks we went completely online (which is not something that I signed up for or wanted to do). It had its challenges, but it also had its benefits. I tried to view everything as a glass-half-full. I used the extra flexibility to make the most of my time. I did a lot of courses outside of the university, I joined the student association, really put myself out there and sought out every opportunity that was still there, and it gave me more flexibility in my timetable. As much as working from home was challenging and isolating at times, I really got into the rhythm of making the most of every opportunity and my grades, as a result, were the highest that they’ve ever been. For me, it worked out for the better.

Do you have any tips for your fellow MBS students?

For a brand-new student, the best thing you can do is join a student association, a club or a society. In my undergraduate degree, I didn’t do that, and I really felt like I wasn’t part of the community, I was just going to lectures and classes and that was it. In my master’s, I joined the MBSSA as well as some other smaller student associations. I made some amazing friends and really felt a part of a larger university community which is what I came to do.

My second biggest tip is to keep your eyes open for every opportunity. There are so many things that the university offers, whether its employability skills, networking opportunities, volunteering opportunities or competitions. Everything is there but you need to put the effort in to find those opportunities. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of just attending class and skating along the bottom, but I would recommend that you try really hard to go for those extra opportunities. Those extra opportunities are the things that will set you apart from everyone else.

Any advice for new students?

A huge tip for students is to network and connect with your fellow students. One of the best parts of being a Melbourne Business School student is the diverse cohort, with students from all across the globe, of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, experience levels (both age and industry). Connect with your peers and engage with them, it makes the learning experience so much richer. I’m a student who came into my master’s straight from my undergraduate degree, but I’ve met students who are in their forties and fifties who have had twenty years of work experience, and the things that you can learn from each other is what makes going to Melbourne Business School so amazing.