Master of Psychology & Management (Exchange Student – Germany)

“After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Germany, the company I worked for offered me a really good junior position in finance. Although my interests were more in line with human resources and marketing, I thought I would give it a try. Besides, the working conditions were really good and I thought it would be stupid to reject such a great job offer. However, I soon realised that I didn’t like my job: I didn’t like my tasks,my supervisor and the atmosphere in the team. So, after almost two years there, I summoned the courage to quit my job and go back to university (getting financial support from my parents again) and I can safely say it was the best decision ever!

I decided to pursue my interests thereby moving to a new city to start a master’s program in psychology and management. As I always wanted to live in another country, I chose a master program with a compulsory semester abroad. Although Australia was my preferred destination, I hesitated because my friends from my home university wanted to do their semester abroad together; either in Europe or in the States.

I was thinking about following others but then I went with my gut instinct and decided to go to MBS. Although it was stressful settling in, I can now say that Melbourne was definitely the right choice. I have been here for about 3 months now and I love the city, the vibe and the cultural diversity. But the very best of my Melburnian experience can be attributed to the wonderful people I have met thus far. I have met people from all around the globe and have learnt so much from them and their personal journeys. I never thought that I could develop so many friendships in such a short span of time but am so impressed by everyone’s friendly and open demeanour.

In this sense, I am very grateful to be in this amazing city, having the experience to be a part of the MBS. ⁣After this semester, I’m going to travel for a couple of months and then go back to Germany to finish my degree. I’m quite sad to leave Melbourne but I’m already looking forward to coming back!”