Meghna Ganesh – Masters of Management (HR)

Meghna started at the University of Melbourne in 2020 and studies a Masters of Management (HR). Meghna is a psychology graduate and is from India.

Why did you choose the University of Melbourne for your Masters?

When I was in India and planning on to what next, I delved into research and wrote a few publications which made me realise the importance of hands-on experience that stems from research. When I was looking for my options and researching the best University for me in Australia, I came across Unimelb and I can definitely say that my decision proved right. All of my learning has been so hands-on and practical, yet has a very strong foundation of research in every project and assignment that I’ve done.

Which activities have you been involved in at the university?

Despite us being in the virtual mode, the University has tried to make the experience as close to what it would’ve been otherwise. One of the things I liked about MBSSA particularly is the peer mentor program where I met a lot of people and made lots of industry connections. Apart from that, I work with Culture Bridge which is now getting affiliated with the University. It was a rollercoaster but I learnt so much throughout that experience. When you say Melbourne is a melting pot, that’s exactly what Culture Bridge was. We spoke about very real issues and try to deliver quality events. The most enriching experience as part of University activities go is being part of the Events department for Culture Bridge and the Hack-a-thon that we did was phenomenal.

What challenges did you face during your course and how did you tackle them?

The biggest challenge that I faced during the course was that I was too inhibited. I always felt that this is my cup of tea and this other thing, I’m not good at. During this course, I learnt to become more open and flexible and trying new things. I realised that I don’t have to be the best at everything but I should have an aptitude to deal with everything in and around the business. A few of the analytical subjects I took and managed to do pretty well, despite my own expectations, in allowed me to see my own capabilities in a different way and experiment.

Any advice for new students?

This course is very flexible so if you’re entering this course be open to the fact that it’s going to teach you new things and everything that you read in theory may not be applied the same way, but it all has a purpose and when you enter the workplace you’ll realise why you studied it in the first place. Be flexible and open and ready to embrace change because it changed my life. This place has allowed me to explore, break the boundaries I had for myself, question my own securities and evolve.

Thank you so much to Meghna for your time and wise words. Connect with Meghna on LinkedIn here.