Paúl Preugschat, Master of Management

“Choosing to study at MBS was actually quite random. That sounds harsh, MBS was my favourite should I study management. However, I couldn’t decide between Management, Sports Management, and Sports Psychology. So I let the universe decide and here I am.

Backing up a bit, I finished high school in Frankfurt before studying Psychology in Canterbury. I returned to Frankfurt for an HR internship at a bank, which I didn’t enjoy. Why? The culture was so focused on hierarchy and appearances, I never felt like part of the team. I was dreading my next job in Hamburg, phone interviewing truck drivers for TruckJobs.

This turned out to be the most amazing five months of my life! I learned that working life can be awesome and even made a viral video on Facebook – a nice change from talking to 800 truckers, even if those guys are the real heroes! It was heartbreaking to leave. Tears were shed, but after conquering my fear of cold calling people, it was time to conquer my next challenge: moving halfway across the globe.

I love Melbourne! It’s the best parts of Germany and the UK combined. You have the friendly attitude of the Brits (but even more so), along with the work ethic and open, but constructive criticism of the Germans. Beyond that, the weather is great, there are beautiful places to visit everywhere, and you’ve got skyscrapers!! You don’t really get those in Europe, so even after one semester at the uni, they still mesmerise me.

MBS is great too! The course has been super interesting, I’m getting a better idea of what I like, but most importantly, I’ve met some amazing people. It was also through the MBS that I found my part-time job, selling Bring Me Home, an app that lets you buy excess food at heavy discounts from cafes and supermarkets. Working on something I see my friends and colleagues use is incredibly fulfilling, and having an amazing boss sure helps!

All things considered, moving here and coming to MBS have been the best decisions of my life.”