RIZKY AFDOLINA – Master of Management

When it comes to pursuing a master’s degree as a life decision, I think about it thoroughly on what I want and how can it help me to leverage in both personal and professional life. Hence, I decided to give it a try to the No.1 University in Australia and plus, the city known for its coffee!

Before coming to MBS, my background was in Accounting and Finance, and now here I am in my second semester in Master of Management. However, starting a new life in MBS was challenging for me, since I have never been anywhere but my own country for study, I was quite overwhelmed not only living on my own in a foreign country but also keeping track of the new education system with demanding expectations. However, now I’ve learnt how to prioritise things and time to slide towards the semester ahead. 
In the future, I aspire to continue my career in Finance or try an opportunity in Tech Industry, until I’m ready to build my own venture! Fingers crossed — But things can change and the path to the future is always uncertain. In the midst of these, I tell myself that just try to do things at my best, as well as try to be grateful for everything I have and live the best of it. This way, I can remain calm and believe in the worth of this journey.

Above all, even though being challenging, my new life in MBS has given me invaluable experience and not to mention the opportunities to meet incredible people throughout my semester!