Shaurya Aryavir, Master of International Business

“Working more than two years for a start up in India, I was absolutely in love with my job and was doing well. It was an impromptu decision to quit it in order to aim for the bigger picture, something farther than my grasp – to start something of my own. Within six months, I was in Melbourne, for a new challenge in life.

Melbourne as a city has been very welcoming and I feel like I have fit in perfectly. The culture here has never failed to surprise me, be it the coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening. Being passionate about sporting endeavour, Melbourne astonished me with its environment, especially the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which felt like a grand colosseum with the gladiators battling below.

Being a student at Melbourne Business School, isn’t just a status update for me; I’m here to gain exposure of the outside world, to get a taste of what it’ll be like, when I’m up and about. High levels of positive competition, diverse cultures and amalgamation of ideas from peers who possess a variety of experience, have helped me uncover my true potential. It’s been a challenge where I’ve realised that it is only by pushing my limits that I will truly develop myself. There is a strong and quenching desire within me which always motivates me to be positive and give my 100% to every task I undertake.

The person I was when I joined MBS will be extremely proud of the person I will have grown to become, after I walk out of this place.”