Shehryar Sheikh- Master of Management


Why did you choose to study the Master of Management program at the University of Melbourne?

It was due to a mix of reasons. I wanted to move to Australia and wanted to study in a reputable university with a strong business program, and so naturally, the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Business School stood out. As to why the Master of Management program, it was because I wish to work in management consulting in the future.

 How do you think your previous work experience has helped you in your master’s program?

After completing my undergraduate studies, I started working with EY in London as a consultant in their people advisory services practice, and I also briefly worked with an international school based in Islamabad, which is my hometown. I didn’t study business in my undergraduate program, I was a politics major, and so making the transition into consulting wasn’t the easiest task. I realised that my peers who had studied business had a better grasp over concepts than I did. But over time things got better, and now as I take more and more modules relating to business, I feel I can better prepare myself for what lies ahead.

How has your time at the University been like?

It has been a fairly mixed experience, as two-thirds of it has been under lockdown, and hence online. I do like the resources that the University provides to the students, especially the libraries and the study spaces. You could usually always find me at level six at The Spot when of course, we were allowed to be on campus. I quite like the lectures too; I find them to be quite engaging and interesting. The University is quite large as well, so it is natural to feel just like a number sometimes, but I guess that comes with being an educational institute of this scale.

Which activities have you been involved at the university?

I did register for a couple of student clubs the previous semester, but due to campus closures, it was difficult to be engaged with them. This semester I am working with 180 Degrees Consulting, on a project so that has kept me occupied.

How has your online learning experience been like?

It has been challenging, because you are now confined to just one space where you work, study, eat, and relax at the same time, so it can get difficult trying to focus on academics. I try to study outside my room as much as possible and have also gotten a bed-desk for my room, just to get me in the frame of mind.

Were there any challenges you faced when you first moved to Melbourne?

I already knew a group of people here that helped me get settled in, and also having lived aboard before I guess you could say I was more prepared, and also older so I wasn’t too harsh. I did only have a week between when I landed here and when classes started, so to find an accommodation in such less time, was a little difficult. I had to acclimatise fairly quickly, but I did manage it all in the end.

Do you have any advice for new MBS students?

I guess the one thing I would strongly recommend that all students is to get involved in as many career-related activities you can. Join the clubs that interest you, attend events, and grow your network as much as you can. Also for those who are doing management-related degrees, if you do end up doing the BAMB subject, just be sure to pay strong attention to it, as it is a little tricky.

All the best!

Shehryar Sheikh

Master of Management