Vasilios Berbatakis, Master of Management (Marketing)

“Currently, my mind and efforts are focused on challenging the current paradigms of society. By expanding our network connections and the way we think, we can all learn and gain perspectives that will invigorate our prospective careers.

Words cannot explain the fervour of joy I gained after admission. Growing up here in Melbourne, I had a lot of pressure from my Greek family to study hard. Something I am very grateful for. Ever since I was in primary school I had my eyes on studying at the UniMelb but I was not admitted into a BCOM in 2014 because I missed out by “1” single mark. The devastation pained me for years. I worked extremely hard at RMIT with the goal to study postgrad here. And so, here I am today, graduating in December!

Fortunately, I was in the MBSSA Case Comp finals in my first semester last year where we were tasked with solving an issue for Carlton United Breweries. My second semester confirmed a graduate role and a Commonwealth Supported Position, drastically reducing my HECS debt (Thank God haha). Now, in my final semester, the door is wide open with flourishing opportunities. This is simply unparalleled and I encourage all to take the opportunities we have today not for granted! The sacrifices my grandparents, parents and family made so I can gain a good education is something I am working very hard to repay. I am dedicated to repaying the unrepayable.

I also love participating in events that showcase Greek culture to Hellenes and Philhellenes. For me, it is very important not to forget the culture your blood belongs too despite being born and raised in Melbourne. I do traditional Greek dancing where we have performed in front of 10,000s of people at Greek festivals at the Annual Lonsdale St Festival (Antipodes) and have had videos go viral online with close to a million hits!

Ultimately, the opportunities MBS has offered me was more than I could have researched and imagined. I feel that every time I come to Uni, I really do not know what opportunities might pop out of the corner that can change my life forever.”