Sacred Heart Mission

Katie Rich, MBSSA committee member and Sacred Heart Mission volunteer, says that the most valuable part of SHM volunteering is the chance to engage with other members of the community.

“I loved getting to know other people. These are volunteers who step outside of their own lives, and dedicate their time to serving others. It’s inspiring to see people dedicate their time to help others. It’s also a very humbling experience”.

Like Katie, SHM volunteers are humbled by the experience of volunteering. Many report a deeper appreciation for their own lives as well as gaining insight into some of society’s most pressing issues. Furthermore, volunteers and visitors alike revel in the opportunity to hear the unique stories of mission patrons. Mamta Mehra, alludes to the important perspective she gained during her time as an SHM volunteer:

“Take a minute and count your blessings – that’s the perspective you gain from one visit to Sacred Heart and volunteering as part of SHM. It was an overall humbling experience and made me realise that every gesture, all the words of encouragement and acts of kindness counts and can make or break another’s day”.

At the MBSSA, we are continuously looking for ways to give back to the wider community. One of the leading ways we demonstrate this is through our Sacred Heart Mission initiative. SHM is a series of volunteering sessions that involve a group of students, like Katie and Mamta, who give up their Saturday morning to serve meals at the Sacred Heart Mission Kitchen. The Sacred Heart Mission kitchen provides hot meals to socially and financially disadvantaged individuals 365 days a year. The mission is located within the iconic suburb of St Kilda, a Melbourne gem that is known for its diversity and being home to some of Melbourne’s most marginalised communities.

We are privileged to have a long standing friendship with SHM and to be able to help students get involved every semester. If you’d like to volunteer on over the holidays, please head here.

Thank you to all the students who showed enthusiasm and registered within minutes of our registration link being released. This is true testimony to the goodwill of our students as well as their engagement with broader social issues.

MBSSA’s SHM initiatives run regularly throughout the semester. Our next instalment will occur in 2019.


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