MBS Alumni: Where Are They Now? (Johnson Xu)

Johnson Xu, Findex & Blockshine Technology


Fintech students must crack code. Coming from a technology background and graduated from MBS with a Master of Finance degree, I’m standing in between technology and finance. (Yes, Fintech).

I took a leap of faith and joined a cryptocurrency/blockchain management consulting firm straight after I graduated from MBS. Being in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, (yes you heard me call it an industry!) you need to prepare and accept the ups and downs, enjoy the excitement, and navigate your way through this very unstructured and unpredictable environment.

The rewarding and practical learning experience that I have gained from MBS really helped me to build a competitive edge and a solid foundation in the professional world. Everything I have gained during my time at MBS translates nicely to the professional working environment. I’ve actually learnt the word ‘blockchain’ in one of my finance subjects, and this is the ‘patient zero’ leading to where I am today.

Like everyone, I am still learning every day about the world and most importantly about myself. To me, this is a self-reflection on what I have learnt so far.

1. Embrace the uncertainty

Learn to embrace the uncertainty. Uncertainty creates endless opportunities for me. Being an early-stage professional, you literally have nothing to lose. If plan A doesn’t work out for you, there is always a plan B, plan C, plan D etc. Don’t limit yourself by staying in the ‘certain’ zone too long, and don’t be afraid if everything falls apart (yes, everything). Be bold and prepare to create your own way of becoming who you want to be. Make your own rules, and it’s up to you on how to define yourself.

2. Network, network, network!

When I look back on how I get to where I am today thanks to my invaluable network. They helped me to navigate the unstructured environment in the industry, mentoring me on various things. I’d strongly recommend you to start building your own little professional network if you haven’t already; Leveraging the MBSSA Case Competition, Global/Melbourne Business practicum, career mentoring program, professional events and many more to meet new people, listen to their stories and share your own unique experiences to them. Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out to people!

3. Start your own projects and try everything.

Never experienced how a hackathon works? Form a team, try one. Don’t know how the equity market works? Start investing. Don’t know whether marketing is actually a good fit for you? Start doing some marketing courses and apply what you’ve learnt to help solve actual business problems. What I have learnt is that the best way to learn faster is to have a stake in the outcome. Risk awakens our learning muscles like a splash of cold water. Dare to dream big. Don’t think what you cannot do but think how and what resources (e.g. skills, time) you need to have to get there.

Life is one big experiment and the world is your laboratory. From the moment we are born we are little scientists, observing and testing every waking second. We analyse the results, learn, then run another experiment. Believe in yourself, learn about yourself. Everything will eventually come together to form a picture nicely.

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