Help our “Crack the Essay” initiative

We know writing a good essay requires tons of research, organising ideas, start writting and hours of editing. Even when it’s done, it would be great to have someone who can provide us some final feedback, isn’t it?

Well, we have you covered! We intend to host Crack your Essay sessions, where fellow students who have done your subject before will volunteer to provide you useful feedback for your assignments in terms of structure, academic writing and format, among others. Of course, they are not going to do your assigment (you wish!), but they will help you proofreading and check if there are any final details to be adjusted.

Are you keen to help ‘Crack your Essay’??

To make sure that these sessions work to serve your needs effectively, we want to hear from you! Please respond to this poll to indicate your preference based on your assignment due dates to help us with scheduling. Thank you!

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