Reunited again in 2021!

After the long and isolating year that was 2020, we are so glad to be back together in real life, away from our Zoom personas. Throughout semester one of 2021, MBSSA has had the goal of reuniting MBS students together again in person now that restrictions have finally lifted!

One of the first events we put on our Welcome Night event on the 12th of March at the Clyde Hotel. It was amazing to be able to share a drink and talk to people in person, especially after such a long year apart. It was great to be reunited as a community and was a great event to set the tone of this semester.

Since we know that there are MBS students still overseas and can’t join us, MBS also had a commitment to engage these students with the community and MBS association. Over the semester we’ve put on live workshops over Zoom on topics such as jobs and employability, new technology and social events that everyone all over the world could join.

For the rest of the semester, we plan to keep putting on these events including our Boat Party later this month and other workshops aimed at helping MBS students in their personal and professional goals. Hope to see you there!

Good luck for the rest of the semester, from MBSSA! 🎉

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