Making the most of your Masters!

Masters is a prime opportunity to make wonderful memories and connections that will remain with you for many years to come. We recognise, however, that at times it can be daunting. So if you are a student still trying to find your feet, check out our top tips for diving into the MBSSA community. We start of with some tips for maximising your social experience.


1.Join a club

University clubs cater for a range of different academic and non-academic interests. From pilates to actuarial studies, there is sure to be something that takes your interest! At the MBSSA, we place great value on engaging new members, thus, we can guarantee that every effort will be made to make you feel at home. A great way to meet individuals with similar passions or hobbies as yourself is to come along to our regular MBSSA events.

2. Talk to that person next to you

So many wonderful things can come from simply starting a conversation with the person next to you. Countless long-term friendships have started in the lecture/tutorial room, making one’s university experience that little bit more complete. As intimidating as speaking to a stranger may be, take reassurance that 99% of the time, that person is in the exact same position, new and wanting meet new people but too shy to make it happen. Connection opens the door to further networking opportunities, events and involvement so do it and see what happens!

3. Speak up in class

The beauty of Masters is that everyone is at a level of maturity where judgement is deemed pointless. Want the tutor to repeat a point? Particularly interested in a topic and want to put forth your opinion? Go for it! Students at a Masters level are there because they genuinely want to be, thus, your contribution is likely to be of great benefit to those around you.

4. Update all socials

Yet another grievance frequently echoed by former undergrad students is that they missed out because they simply did not get the memo that certain opportunities were available at their university. In this day and age, the key to staying aware and avoiding ‘FOMO’ is to like/follow relevant organisations! Ensure that you visit join any major faculty social networking platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as subscribing to mailing lists. The more platforms you visit, the more exposure you will have to all that is going on within your faculty and wider university community. A great place to start is by liking and following the MBS Student Association Facebook page, Instagram and LinkedIn as we are continuously updating our pages with upcoming events in the MBSSA community.


At the MBSSA, we recognise that Masters is also an invaluable opportunity to consolidate your professional capabilities. The following tips outline ways to enhance your professional portfolio while still completing your studies:

1. See your worth as an employee

Many university students underestimate the value that their skills and knowledge hold for employees. There is a plethora of internships and employment opportunities out there aimed directly at student involvement. This is the point where you stop doubting yourself and dive in. Career experience during university can act to solidify knowledge attained in the classroom setting and allow a truly ‘hands-on’ experience. University career portals is your first port of call, you’ve got nothing to lose!


Members of the MBSSA community s tend to gravitate towards and seek out opportunities to volunteer. Giving back or helping those in need, allows you to actively contribute to society and provides an extreme sense of fulfilment. A quick google can reveal volunteering opportunities, or else, many student committees are aligned with volunteer work.

MBSSA is proud to regularly engage with Sacred Heart Mission. Every day of the year, Sacred Heart Mission helps hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged individuals find their feet by offering them shelter, food and care in an environment that is welcoming, supportive and non-judgemental. Keep an eye on the MBSSA socials for the next round of registration for this invaluable opportunity to give back.


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