MBS Alumni: Where Are They Now? (Adrian Yeung)

Adrian Yeung, KPMG


“I started off at The University of Melbourne as a Bachelor of Arts student, with ambitions to build a career in journalism – an industry that isn’t easy to break into these days, to say the least.As a way of giving myself experience I founded Centrethought, a political affairs publication. Through envisaging new ways to increase our audience base and managing a team of writers I discovered the world of business, which is what ultimately led me to the Melbourne Business School.

For me, there was nothing more rewarding than the many professional development opportunities at the MBS. The Global Business Practicum and the MBSSA Case Competition empowered me to prove my mettle and experience firsthand just what it’s like to work on real life business cases. The guidance that I garnered through the Career Mentoring Program helped me immeasurably in understanding the realities of navigating the job market and understanding how to pitch myself successfully to prospective employers. Last but not least, the countless networking and social events were invaluable for forming connections with the leaders of the Australian business community – present and emerging.

It may be an inescapable cliche, but my advice for current students is: Make the most of your time at the MBS. You have a lifetime ahead of you to build your career or even continue further study, but some of the experiences that you currently have access to are truly once in a lifetime. Invest your time and energy in getting the most out of your studies, participating in extracurriculars and connecting with your peers. This will ultimately pay boundless dividends every time you sit down for a job interview.”

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