MBSSA Peer Mentoring: Sem 2, 2019

Last semester saw the very first iteration of the peer mentoring programme, with over 120 new students (mentees) partnering up with 60 current students (mentors). The goal was to comfortably ease new students into life at MBS by providing hands-on opportunities to build a network of friends and familiar faces. For the duration of the programme, mentors acted as a point of contact for their mentees whether they needed a bit of basic guidance or even a quick chat over a cup of coffee. We are happy to see that many of the pairs have kept in contact long after the end of the programme.


Arianna and Sara, a mentor and mentee pair from Semester 1.

The programme turned out to be a huge success, spanning six weeks, multiple group events, coffee catch-ups and countless memorable moments. As a result, MBSSA is very excited to bring back the peer mentoring programme for a second run in Semester 2. New and improved, better than ever before, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and also not quite ready yet. Organising this programme is a massive undertaking, so we’re taking the time to properly plan everything and do some fine tuning before we announce key event dates and officially open registration.

We expect to make further announcements regarding the programme in early July. If you’re interested in staying up to date with information about the peer mentoring programme, we recommend you follow MBSSA across our social media pages and register (for free) as a member by joining our mailing list below.

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